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Prof. Steve BarberDanzan Ryu Ju Jitsu

Kodenkan Dojo, Jacksonville FL

Professor Stephen L. Barber began martial arts training under the tutelage of Professor Bill Beach (deceased) in 1970. Professor Beach received his Professor rank through the AJJF as a student of Professors Ray and Marie Law. As Steve was progressing through the ranks, Professor Beach once awarded Steve with a trophy for “Best Techniques”. After the trophy award ceremony concluded on the mat, Professor Beach privately approached Steve and quietly told him that he was awarded the trophy because he performed each and every technique with everything he had inside him, not because his technique was actually better than everyone else’s! And this continues to be Professor Barber’s trademark to this day when on the mat (whether to train or to teach)… total commitment and total focus, giving everything he has inside him.

Professor Barber and his son, Sensei Jason Parrish, opened their joint venture dojo on Feb. 6, 2012. His commitment is to continue the art of Kodenkan Jiu-Jitsu as taught by Professor Beach. Professor Barber was promoted to Kudan and Director of the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System on Dec. 15, 2010 by Professor Bill Beach (Judan and Founder of the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System). Professor Barber applied for membership to the United States Soke Council as Nidai-Soke (inheritor) of the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System. After a thorough background check, it was deemed appropriate by the USSC to accept Professor Barber as Nidai-Soke (inheritor) to the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System and to confer upon him the rank of Judan and title of Soke as of February 26, 2015.Professor Barber humbly accepted this great honor bestowed upon him by the USSC. Upon completion of the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System time in rank requirement of 5 years between senior rankings, Professor Barber as Judan and Soke with the USSC will issue the HJS final rank of Judan on the 5th anniversary of his Kudan promotion, December 15, 2015 (which happens to be Professor Bill Beach’s birthday).

Sensei Derek BaureDanzan Ryu Ju Jitsu

Touyou No Chie, Concord CA

Sensei Derek Baure has been training in martial arts for over a decade. He has a black belts in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and Aikido. He started both martial arts in 2003 under the guidance of Sensei Carol Harris at Diablo Valley College. Sensei Carol Harris was his main instructor and mentor over his many years of training. Sensei Derek Baure began his training in Jujitsu, because of his history in high school wrestling. He discovered his interest and enjoyment of Jujitsu and expanded his interests in other Marial Arts. Aikido would be Derek Baure’s next study. In his years of training Jujitsu he has received guidance and training from other instructors: Sensei Chris Peterson of Jujitsu America, Sensei Irving Lee of Zen Budokai Jujitsu, and Professor Lee Eichelberger of Small Circle Jujitsu. Derek Baure’s background of Aikido is a combined influence of Aikikai and Iwama style. Even though most of his instruction for Aikido came from Sensei Carol Harris, he has also had opportunities to train with the great Sensei Yoshimitsu Yamada, Chief Instructor of Aikikai, along with Sensei Hitohiro Saito, previous Chief instructor of Iwama Aikido and now founder of Iwama Shin-Shin Aiki Shuren-kai. It is because of this background that Sensei Derek Baure continues to train in no singular style of Aikido and continues to spread the spirit of Aikido through his students, training and studies.

Prof. Lawrence BoydstonKickboxing

I started Kodenkan/Danzan Ryu Jujitsu (1968) with Jim Nieto & continued (1972) with James Marcinkus. I began formal Kodokan Judo in 1972 with Brett Wood-Taylor (Kaigan). I studied Filipino Kali & Jun Fan Gung Fu (1980) with Dan Inosanto (IAMA) for many years. I was introduced to many different arts. These studies included: Kali/Jun Fan/JKD (Dan Inosanto), Muay Thai (Surachai Sirisuite) & Savate (Francis Echinard). I was trained by Cliff Stewart (WAR) & Robert Temple (Kenpo). I studied different types of Escrima/Arnis, Small Circle Jujitsu (Prof. Wally Jay), Silat, Wing Chun, Atemi, Seifukujitsu, and experienced many others. I created Quest Martial Science to combine Jujitsu/Judo with Kick-Strike & Weapons training. Awards: Jujitsu America: 2002 Black Belt Hall of Fame; IKKF 2002 Masters Hall of Fame; 2008 US Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Founder Award. Titles: Professor (JA/Wm. Randle); Assoc. Professor (Kilohana); Instructor (JA/AJA); Master Instructor (ATAMA); WAR Instructor; Savate Initiateur; Filipino MA & Jun Fan MA-Apprentice Instructor (IAMA/Dan Inosanto); Danzan Ryu Jujitsu Kaidensho, title: Shihan (2013 Okugi/Tony Janovich); Teacher: Quest Academy. I use motion to counteract force. I keep moving and go with the flow. I enjoy the approaches of different martial arts to problem solving. I find martial arts to be a vehicle to coordinate mind, body and spirit to be directed toward a goal. I hope to keep learning and sharing my experiences.

Prof. Willy CahillJudo

Professor Cahill Sr. (Willy’s father) was one of the most highly respected instructors ever to come out of Professor Henry S. Okazaki’s Kodenkan System of Jujitsu in Hawaii. In 1962, Professor Cahill passed away at a very young 50 years of age. In 1963, Willy built the new dojo in San Bruno, California, in his father’s honor. At this club, Cahill set new standards and goals for himself and his students. In 1970, students from this dojo won the first of nine consecutive California State Judo Championships and the first of five consecutive United States Judo Association National Championships. From 1963 to 1999,Willy Cahill has coached nearly 1000 National and International medal winners. His Elite Athletes have represented the United States at numerous international events. While he was judo coach at both San Francisco State and Stanford University, the women’s judo team at San Francisco State won the Collegiate National Championships.

In 1975, Cahill was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as Judo Instructor of the Year. Willy coached his first International team in 1976 when he traveled with the U.S. team to Mexico City for the Junior Pan American Championships. He eventually coached the U.S. Team at the 1983 and 1987 Pan American Games, the 1983 and 1985 Pacific Rim Championships, and the 1986 and 1990 Goodwill Games. He also coached the World Championship teams in 1981,’85,’87,’89 and ’91. He has taken U.S. judo teams to Europe and the former Eastern Block countries, including East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. And he has taken U.S. judo teams to Japan, Korea and Hong Kong several times.

Prof. Jack CarterSeifukujitsu


Sensei Jack Carter has been studying martial arts for over 33 years. He holds the ranks of Godan in Judo, Sandan in Jujitsu and Shodan in Tae Kwon Do. He is one of the founding members of Pacific Coast Kilohana. He has been practicing massage therapy since 1951 and is a certified massage therapist practicing Shiatsu, GiGong and Seifukujitsu Restoration Therapy. Sensei Carter has been semi-retired since 1988 and continues a part-time Shiatsu Massage Therapy business. He began his study of Shiatsu and GiGong in 1950 and in 1951 with Yen Wong from China and Mr. Harry Avery from England. He has studied and exchanged ideas with Mr. John Verdi from Japan from 1966 through 1984 in acupressure massage. Sensei Carter is on the JuJitsu America and Pacific coast Kilohana Sports Medicine and Massage committees.

Kaiso Shawn CephasAmerican Shorinji-Te


Shorinji-Te is an original American fighting monks’ self defense martial art that has emerged through the studies of its founder, Shawn Cephas.

Prof. Kevin ColtonDanzan Ryu Ju Jitsu


Professor Kevin Colton has been studying Danzan Ryu Jujitsu for over 50years. He began his training, at the age of ten, with the American Judo & JujitsuFederation, under Sensei Joe Burlin at the Pacific Palisades YMCA in l966. Hehas also studied with Professor Bill Randle at the Westside YMCA, received hisAJJF shodan from Professor James Marcinkus in l976, trained under SenseiJohn Quijano with the Southern California Jujitsu Association and Professor MikeChubb with Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai. Kevin started teaching for the Santa Monica Parks and Recreation Center at theage of 15. He assisted in instruction at Penmar Judokai and the Westside YMCAuntil taking over Granada Hills Jujitsu Kai 1983. Kevin opened his current dojo,Santa Clarita Valley School of Jujitsu, in l993 where he has promoted 43students to the rank of shodan. Coming full circle in 1993, Kevin returned to theAmerican Judo & Jujitsu Federation with Professor Tom Ball as his sensei. Kevin currently holds the rank of Rokudan. He was awarded the title of DZRProfessor by the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance in 2012 and by the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation in 2013. Kevin maintains close ties with the Kilohana MartialArts Association and the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance.The American Jujitsu Federation presented Kevin with the Professor BertAspinall Award (Service to the AJJF) in 2012 and the Professor Dick RickertsAward (Outstanding AJJF Sensei of the Year) in 2013. Kevin is a 1997 graduate of the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation DSRSImassage program. He likes to travel and teach at seminars in California as welas Utah, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Hawaii, Colorado and CostaRica. Kevin teaches special classes for disabled students, law enforcement, andwomen’s self defense. In his down time, he loves to play with his four grandchildren, who already hadgis by the time they were born.

Dr. Carlos DeleonMO’O Ryu Kempo Halau O Deleon


Professor Carlos Deleon started training in the martial arts in the 1970’s under his father Professor Oscar Deleon in the art of Kenpo karate. The MO’O Ryu Kempo is the integration of (Kenpo Goshin Jitsu – Kaihewalu Lua – Ip Man Wing Chun – and Presas Kombatan). Professor Deleon holds the titles of Shodai Soke founder of MO’O Ryu Kempo system, Kumu Lua Mekia Alihikaua Umi 10th degree under the Lua Halau O Kaihewalu (Hawaiian Lua Martial Arts), Kumu Lua Deleon is one of few promoted to 10th degree by Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu, and one of eight seniors Kumu Lua with multi-generational black belt students with schools around the world. Doctor Deleon also holds the title of Hanshi Judan in Kempo, Sigung in Wing Chun Gung Fu, and is one of five to reach the level of Lakan Sampu (10th degree) Grandmaster under the Modern Arnis Kombatan Presas System (Filipino Stick-Knife Fighting), Professor Deleon holds the rank of Hachidan 8th degree Chow-Hoon Goshin-Jitsu under Senior Professor James Muro. Additionally, Dr. Deleon has been recognized as a founder of MO’O Ryu Kempo system under Kempo International, the Sokeship Council Seishinryoku Kai W.S.C.S.K. from Soke Spiridon, the World Headmasters Sokeship Council from Shidoshi Perry, and the World Head of Family Sokeship Council from Soke Frank Sanchez. Professor de Leon has also trained in Hawaiian Kenpo since 1979, and in Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing, combative empty hand, and weapons training in the Guatemalan Army. Professor de Leon competed in Central and South American international tournaments where he was notorious for his kicks and speed. In 1992 Professor Carlos competed with the Guatemalan Army martial arts team and obtained a first place as a team and first place as an individual. In the early 1990’s Professor de Leon moved to the United States to the San Francisco Bay area and trained in Kempo 1992 to present, Wing Chun Gung Fu 1992 to present, Shorinji Ryu Sato Ninjitsu 1996-1998, Kali Arnis de mano (Kombatan) 1999 to present, And Hawaiian Lua 1999 to present. Kumu Lua Alihikaua de Leon was a direct student of Hawaiian Lua SGM Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu. GM de Leon was a direct student of Late SGM Ernesto Presas, is a current direct student of GM Samuel Kwok Ip Man Wing Chun and is a direct student of Senior Professor James Muro – Chow Hoon Goshin – Jitsu. Professor de Leon has been teaching in the United States for the past 30 years, with current dojo / club locations in United States, Central America, and South America. Professor Carlos de Leon is the founder of the MO’O-Ryu Kempo de Leon’s Hombu Dojo / Lua Halau O kaihewalu.
Shodai Soke Carlos de Leon Inductions and Recognitions:
• Shihan master’s Hall of Fame 2002 Humanitarian Award – Inducted by Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu
• Kumu Lua master’s Hall of Fame 2007 Silver Life Achievement Award – Inducted by Olohe Kaihewalu
• USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2009 Original founder of the Art Award “Kaiso.”
• Who is Who in the Martial Arts (Featured in the Book “Changing Lives Series” 2021 VOL. 6)
• The World’s Greatest Volume 39 “Martial Arts master’s Hall of Fame” induction 2021.
• Argentina International Hall of Fame Sokeship Founder of the Year 2022.
• Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors “Outstanding achievements in Martial Arts as a Grandmaster” Year 2023.
The Mo’o-Ryu Kempo System has Black belt Instructors in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Spain. US locations, California: Martinez California, Concord California, Los Angeles California, Temecula California, and Sacramento California. Texas, and Colorado. As part of our dedication to the community, we offer classes in MO’O-Ryu Kempo system as well in the individual systems of Hawaiian Lua, Kempo karate, Wing Chun Gung Fu, and Arnis_Kali Philippino stickfighting, MMA and Kobudo.
Professor Carlos Deleon Academic Achievements: Professor Carlos de Leon has a bachelor’s degree in leadership organizational studies, a master’s degree in information technology & Information Assurance, a master’s degree in criminal justice, a Ph.D. in Martial Arts Philosophy & Science, and a Doctorate in Business Administration with a dissertation in Cyber Security and Policy in the Department of Defense.
Professor Deleon’s Teachers and Mentors in the Martial Arts:
Late Professor Oscar Deleon Kempo, Late Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu Hawaiian Lua, Late SGM Ernesto Presas Kombatan_Modern Arnis, Sensei Ken Svain Kempo, Late Sifu Bill Hernan Wing Chun, GM Samuel Kwok Wing Chun, and Senior Professor James Muro. Late Professor Wally Jay small circle jujitsu, Late Godfather Ming Lum, Late Sijo Emperado Kajukenbo, SGM Richard Nunez Lima Lama, GM Ernesto Presas Jr. Kombatan_Modern Arnis, Late Grand Tuhon Max Pallen, SGM Bob Machmeier Kajukenbo, Professor – Kumu Lua Mike Whittle, Professor – Kumu Lua Hans Ingebretsen, Hanshi Jose Hernandez Kenpo, GM Erick Schumann American Kenpo.

Prof. Mike EsmailzadehAikido


Sensei Mike Esmailzadeh is the head instructor of Suigetsukan. He holds the following ranks and licenses:

  • Hachidan in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu
  • Kyoshi in Toyama-ryu Battodo
  • Rokudan in Toyama-ryu Battodo
  • Godan in Aikido.

He has been actively involved in martial arts since 1976. Mike was born in Germany, and immigrated to the US at the age of 12. Months after arriving in the United States, he began learning Jujitsu under Professor David Bellman. Other Jujitsu Professors instrumental to his education are Prof. Tony Muran, Prof. Tim Lynch, Prof. Dom and Helen Carollo. He is equally grateful for the many years of Aikido and Toyama Ryu Battodo instruction he received from Obata Kaiso in those arts. Michael Esmailzadeh is also thankful for having studied the Inayan system of Eskrima under the direction of Mangisursuro Mike Inay, Suro Jason Inay and Masirib Guro Jena Inay. He also wants to thank Shihan Russ Rhodes for the teachings he has provided in that system. Mike has also trained in a variety of other martial arts/sports, including fencing, wrestling and Iaido. He trained and taught within the Chinese Gung Fu schools of Tai Mantis (Kam Yuen) and Wu Tang (Jason Tsou). He is currently continuing his education in Chinese Martial Arts by studying Bagua Zhang and Xingyi under Maija Soderholm. In 1990 he left Los Angeles for Oakland, and founded the Suigetsukan Dojo. Suigetsukan now consists of 1700 sq./ft of mat space, and living quarters for Mike and five others. Mike currently teaches Toyama Ryu Battodo, Aikido and Jujitsu. He also co-teaches women’s self-defense classes.

Sensei Delina FuchsDanzan Ryu Ju Jitsu


Sensei Delina Fuchs is a Rokudan, or 6th Degree Black Belt who began her studies at Chico Kodenkan in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu under Professor Bud Estes and Sensei Richard Radcliffe in January 1978. She has 30 years of teaching experience in DZR Jujitsu in Chico, California and has been a member of the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation (AJJF) since 1978. Sensei Delina has also studied Aikijitsu, Iaido, and Jojitsu; each for almost 30 years. She has been Dojo Cho at Chico Kodenkan since 1996, adding Jojitsu and Musoshinden Ryu Iaido classes to her teaching repertoire after her sensei retired from Chico Kodenkan. She has co-hosted the AJJF’s annual Brown Belt Weekend in Chico, CA ever since and was the director of both the 2010 and 2014 AJJF National Conventions at the Gold Country Casino in Oroville, CA. Delina is grateful for her current sensei, Prof. Jane Carr (Judan) who has been her DZR sensei since 1996 and Shihan Dara Masi, who has been her Iaido sensei since 2014, allowing her to continue her sword training in the art of Nishio Ryu Toho Iaido. Sensei Delina took the Esoteric Principles of Danzan Ryu literally when it says, “Do not disdain or regard lightly either literary or military art; each is important and deserves equal cultivation and respect.” So, having earned her B.A. in Physical Education (focusing on sports medicine and education) she decided to continue her formal education earning a Masters of Arts Degree in English and has been teaching English and martial arts at Butte College since 1998, developing the current Butte College Jujitsu course in 2001. Master Okazaki, founder of DZR Jujitsu, was known to have said that his art is 50% martial art and 50% healing art. Sensei Delina has taking this seriously and has therefore completed all three modules of Certification in DZR Restorative Therapy and has been in business as a massage therapist for 30 years. In 2012 she trained with Master Okazaki’s grandson, Sensei Keith Okazaki, and was one of 18 people who completed his training and earning a certificate for his OORM course (Original Okazaki Restorative Massage). She has also trained hundreds of hours with renowned acupuncturist and author, Michael Turk L.Ac. in acupressure, Shiatsu, and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With over 30 years of training in the martial and healing arts, the AWMAI (Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors) honored Sensei Delina Fuchs with an induction into the AWMAI Hall of Fame in 2013. In addition, Sensei Delina had the opportunity to attend two Okugi taught by Professor Tony Janovich and was awarded her Kaidensho and title of Kyoshi in 2003 and Shihan in 2013. Her life has been blessed with many mentors and students, and as a result, Sensei Delina Fuchs has dedicated her life to teaching and training all who would engage in the journey with her.

Prof. Rob GaleSmall Circle Ju Jitsu

Sensei Eddie GearhartDanzan Ryu Ju Jitsu


Zentai Judo Jujitsu Dojo, Los Altos, CA Sensei Eddie Gearhart began his studies in Danzan Ryu in 1989 at the age of nine, under the instruction of Sensei Mike Tangney. When he was fifteen years old, he took a break from martial arts to focus on his musical talents with the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps. At the end of that summer, he stumbled upon the art of Shaolin Kenpo. For the next three and a half years, he studied this art at the United Studios of Self Defense, and worked his way into an assistant instructor position within the first year. In 1996, although he enjoyed Kenpo karate, Sensei Gearhart missed the arts of judo and jujitsu. It was at this time that he returned to the Zentai Judo and Jujitsu School in Los Altos to train with Mike Tangney, Paul Jacobson, and Bruce Raney (before Raney moved to Oahu, Hawaii). While still training in Kenpo karate, he discovered his true passion was in martial arts, and desired to learn more forms. In 1997 he enrolled in a Tai Chi Ye-Chuan class, and realized the form he really loved was the Praying Mantis style Gung Fu. In 1998, Sensei Gearhart was influenced by a long-time martial arts partner to study the art of Hombu style aikido. He immediately found the connection between aikido and jujitsu, and has continued to study both these forms during the past ten years. By 2000, Sensei Gearhart had been developing himself in the arts of judo, jujitsu, Shaolin kenpo, tai chi, and aikido. In 2001, his aikido instructor, Sifu Jay Cooper, awarded Sensei Gearhart with Shodan in the art of Hosinsul. It was also around this time that Senseis Paul Jacobson and Mike Tangney suggested that Sensei Gearhart study Restoration Therapy, also known as Seifukujitsu. He enrolled in classes taught by Professor Tony Janovich and his assistant Clive Guth, and within a year he had completed both the basic and advanced courses, and earned his certification in the art. In 2003, Sensei Gearhart accepted the responsibility of training students of the Los Altos Zentai Judo and Jujitsu School, where classes meet several times a week.

Prof. Rowdy HallAikibujitsu


Renkishin Dojo, Morgan Hill, CA Kaicho Rowdy Hall has been a student of the Martial Arts since 1964. On September 16th, 2012, he was given the honor and title of Technical Adviser by Senior Professor James Muro for the Chow-Hoon System. On November 13th, 2010, he was awarded the title of Professor, by the Kilohana Martial Arts Association. On July 30th, 2005, Mr. Hall was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Since 2009, Kaicho Hall is actively on the Executive & Standard Boards with the Kilohana Martial Arts Educational & Cultural Association. He is currently the Treasurer for Kilohana and former President and Vice President of Kilohana Martial Arts Educational & Cultural Association. Kaicho Hall is currently an active member of Jujutsu America in good standing. Kaicho Rowdy Hall is the Founder & Chief Instructor of Shikon-Ryu Aikibudo. A system based on the principles of the older aikibujutsu styles and the newer budo systems. It’s a martial art that is practiced as a way of life and stresses the principles of Aiki. Kaicho holds yudansha ranks in American Kenpo, Kodokai Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu, Hakko-Ryu Jujutsu, Judo, Seibukan Jujutsu, Aikido/Aikibujutsu Tanren Kenkyukai, Shinkendo and Toyama Ryu Batto-Jutsu. Kaicho has also trained in a variety of other martial art systems including, Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu, Enshin-Itto-Ryu Iaido, Kokodo Kyu Shin Ryu Jujutsu, Chinese Bok-Fu, Boxing and Inayan Eskrima. Kaicho Rowdy Hall is heavily involved in the healing art. He owns and operates Restoration BodyWorX, Located next to Renkishin Dojo, in Morgan Hill, Ca. He is certified & license by the State of California as a Sport Rehabilitation Therapist & Massage Therapist. He is a Professional Member with the American Massage Therapy Association. He is the Director of Academics for the School of Kilohana Massage & Healing Arts, where Professor Okazaki and Professor Sig Kufferath method of Restoration Massage is taught. He holds Certificates in both the Basic & Advance levels of Hawaiian Massage as taught by Professor James Muro. Acupressure Points (Koho Shiatsu) as taught by Shodai Soke Yasuhiro Irie. He is a Graduate of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (Performance Enhancement & Corrective Exercise Specialist). Certified Post Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist, through the American Fitness Professional & Associates. De Anza College Sports Massage program, taught by Dr. Justin Brink, Certified Kineso Taping Practitioner, Certified Instructor in Power taping by Rock Tape, Certified in GavilanPTB Techniques, (Instrument assisted Soft tissue Mobilization) and Certified in Level 1 courses in both Functional Movement Screening and Core Training System (FMS) and Selective Function Movement Assessment (SFMA). And as of April 2012, Rowdy Hall passed his ATC National certification through the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA). Rowdy Hall continues his education in Therapeutic & Rehabilitation Therapies. Professor Hall is currently enrolled in the Doctorate Program for Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. He hopes to complete his doctorate in 2016. Rowdy Hall is a Retired Police Officer with the City of San Jose, Ca. He is a graduate of the FBI Swat School, San Jose Police Merge Handgun School, Thunder Ranch & Gun Sight advance certification courses in pistol, carbine rifle, and Shotgun. He has experience in undercover narcotics, narcotic enforcement, high risk entries, and dignitary protection. He is a Tactical Defensive Instructor both in armed and unarmed defense. He has his advance Law Enforcement instructor’s certification in the Koga method, FBI tactical defense, & Krav Maga. Prior to joining law enforcement, Kaicho Hall served in the United States Army’s 1st/75th Airborne Rangers, then later joined the 10th Special Forces Group.

Sensei Steve HarrisChow-Hoon Goshin Jitsu


A native Californian, born June 1967. The 6th of 7 children to Cloyd and Harriette Harris. With influence from older brother and friend Professor Tim Harris, Steve was introduced to DanZanRyu Jujitsu and Kosho Ryu Kenpo Karate in the Pacific Grove, CA Dojo of Professor John Chow Hoon in early 1988. After the untimely of passing Professor Chow Hoon, Steve became a student and a friend of Professor James Muro in Marina, CA. After five years of rigorous physical and mental training, Steve earned the rank of Shodan in 1993. At the promotion/graduation ceremony, a traditional one time per year event, kneeling at the edge of the mat, Steve was awarded the Black Belt from the late Professor Sig Kufferath. An honor and day Steve will always remember. Through the years, Steve has attended and participated in many martial arts events. From competition tournaments to training seminars and classes. Steve continues to train with Professor James Muro and Professor Tim Harris in Monterey at the American Legion Post #41 both as a student and assistant instructor. Steve currently holds the rank of Godan. Goshin Jitsu Chow Hoon.

Prof. Tim HarrisChow-Hoon Goshin Jitsu


Tim Harris was first introduced to martial arts in the 1960s. He was inspired by one of his older brothers who attended a Judo class in Marysville, which was taught by Charlie Robinson. About a decade later, Tim began training in 1976 with Professor Chow-Hoon. He then received his Shodan in 1986, in Kodenkan Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu and Shodan in Koshoryu Kenpo Goshin Jujitsu in 1987. In 1993, Tim received his Instructor’s Certificate from Jujitsu America. That year Tim also graduated from OKUGI, taught by Professor Sig Kufferath. From 1991 to 1997, Tim led and taught his own school (under the direction of Professor James Muro), Goshin Jitsu Chow-Hoon at Monte Vista School in Monterey, CA. Students of Tim’s who were promoted to the rank of Shodan include: Eric Chavez, Mike Tovey, Steve Costanza, and Douglas Mays. In 1999, Tim was awarded the rank of Fourth Degree Black Belt from Jujitsu America. From 2005 to 2006, Tim taught self-defense at Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, CA. This class fulfilled students’ athletic requirements for graduation. Currently, Tim has been instructing at Chow-Hoon Legion Self Defense. This class is located at the American Legion Post #41 in Monterey, CA. Tim started this class in 2009 with Prof. James Muro and it has been held twice a week ever since. Tim has many honors and awards under his belt, and teaching martial arts and the skills of self-defense are two of his greatest passions. He currently holds the Rank of Rokudan and Certificate of Title KIYOSHI, with Goshin Jitsu Chow-Hoon and also Instructor of the Year 2013 with Kilohana Martial Arts Association.

Prof. Al IkemotoJudo


Sensei Al Ikemoto has been involved in martial arts for about forty years. His main art, Kodokan Judo, was taught to him by his father, Teruo Ikemoto, who learned his judo in Japan. Al Ikemoto was born on D-Day in the Tule Lake Concentration Camp in California. His father Teruo was a noted Judo competitor and teacher, and began Al’s study of Judo in the 1950’s. He has won several Judo competitions including a 1st place at the 1967 Pan Am Regional Eliminations. In 1990 & 1991, Al won 1st place in two separate Masters Division tounaments. In addition to Judo, Al has studied Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu, Seifukujutsu, Wing Chun, Sil Lum, Tai Chi and Wrestling. Al is a certified massage therapist, trained in Seifukujitsu by Professor Sig Kufferath and Professor Tony Janovich and in Shiatsu by Sensei Jack Carter. In 1985, he attended his first Small-Circle Jujitsu clinic under Prof. Wally Jay. Al credits this clinic with changing the direction of his martial art studies. He notes, “I tried to attend every Small Circle Jujitsu clinic I heard about. Eventually I joined Jujitsu America so that I would not miss out on any clinics. I now incorporate Small Circle Jujitsu in my Judo instruction and I teach Small Circle Jujitsu in my Criminal Justice classes at JFK High School (Sacremento).” Al considers Janice Okamoto and Denise Wohlgemuth as his mentors in Jujutsu. In 1993, he attended the Okugi class held by Profs. Sig Kufferath and Tony Janovich. He holds a Godan in Judo and a Yodan in Jujutsu. His home dojo is Team Sacremento. Sensei Al Ikemoto is currently a criminal justice instructor at JFK High School in Sacramento and an assistant Judo instructor for Team Sacramento. He holds the rank of Rokudan in Kodokan Judo and Godan in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu.

Prof. Hans IngebretsenKu’i Lima Kenpo


Associate Professor Hans Ingebretsen has been practicing martial art since 1974, when he began his study of Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu and Kodokan Judo with Sensei Ben Patterson at College of the Redwoods in Eureka, California. Continuing to study with Sensei Dale Kahoun, Hans became enthralled with the endless possibilities of martial applications and began cross-training in a variety of other styles, eventually falling in love with kenpo. After moving to the San Jose area, Hans trained at Pacific Judo Academy with Professor Bill Montero and Sensei Brian Fitzgerald, competed as a member of the San Jose State judo team, training with world champion Mike Swain & Olympic silver medalist Kevin Asano as his two team captains, and eventually wound up at the Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts, where he spent 20 years training with Shihan Russ Rhodes and Professor Sig Kufferath. He has also spent many years studying Inayan Eskrima, which he learned from Mangisusuro Mike Inay and his son, Suro Jason Inay, and the Kaihewalu family system of lua, which he has studied under ‘Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu. Hans also has studied judo with both Professor Charlie Robinson and Sensei Dave Long, Kenpo with Sensei Mark Milstead, Shotokan Karate with Sensei Chris Beere, Aikido with Sensei Richard Koahili, and Kashima Shin Ryu Kenjitsu with Shihan Richard Pietrelli, and was on the Jacobs Jr. High wrestling team as a youth. He learned the most by being uke for Prof. Kufferath, Shihan Rhodes and Prof. Kahoun for many years. Hans holds the rank of shichidan (7th dan) in Kenpo Karate, shichidan (77h dan) in Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu, sandan (3rd dan) in Judo, godan (5th dan) in Ken Ju Ryu Kenpo Ju Jitsu, is ranked Hapa Lima Kekele’ele (fifth degree black belt) In Lua o Kaihewalu and is a kumu lua (instructor) of the art, and has instructor rank in Inayan Kadena de Mano Eskrima. Hans is recognized as shichidan in the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance and as rokudan with the Hawaii Martial Arts Society. Professor Ingebretsen is also the Headmaster of the Ku’i Lima system of Kenpo. Over the years, he has brought 40 people up to the rank of black belt. In 1993 he was awarded a Renshi grade teaching license in Danzan Ryu by Professor Kufferath. He has received numerous awards, including the Platinum Award of Special Recognition and the Ming Lum Award from the Hawaii Martial Arts Society, the Master Instructor Award and the Leadership Award from the World Head of Family Sokeship Council, the Francisco Limbago Spirit of Kokua Award from the Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai , the Kufferath Award and the President’s Award from Kilohana, induction into both the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame (two different groups), as well as induction into the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the International Kenpo Karate Association Masters Hall of Fame, and in 2014 he was recognized by the Masters Hall of Fame with their Golden Life Award, recognizing him for his 40 years spent in the martial arts. Hans has also received a commendation for helping to preserve Hawaiian martial arts from the Governor of Hawaii, Benjamin Cayetano, in 1999. He has taught throughout the United States, as well as in Mexico, Europe and the Middle East. Hans graduated from Professor Kufferath’s Okugi class in 1993, and was one of the instructors for Kilohana’s Ku’I Lima Okugi class in 2008. He is a life member of both Kilohana and the United States Judo Association. He is a certified judo coach through the U.S.J.A., and has been trained as a referee by the American Jujitsu Institute, Jujitsu America and the United World Martial Arts Federation. Hans is the Vice President of Kilohana, a member of the Kilohana Standards Board and the Kilohana Historical Board, is a past President of Kilohana, and also served as Vice President for the first 11 years of Kilohana’s existence. He is a Technical Advisor for the International Organization of Kenpo Jujitsu and a Senior Advisor for the Pacific Jujitsu Association.

Prof. Dale KahounJudo


Sensei Dale Kahoun has been training in Martial Arts for over 47 years. He is currently ranked as Hatchidan in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, Yodan in Kodokan Judo, and Nidan in Ken Ju Ryu Kenpo Jujitsu. He was awarded Assistant Instructor’s rank in Eskrima by Mangisursuro Mike Inay. Sensei Kahoun has studied, practiced and has lesser ranks in Aikido, Kashima Shinryu (Japanese sword) and European Foil Fencing. Police Officer Kahoun was an Intermediate Police Instructor for 12 years (ranked to instruct instructors) with three styles of police batons and police defensive tactics. He also served performing ‘Executive Protection’ of dignitaries and crowd control at protests and disturbances. He was FBI certified as a Firearms Instructor and was ranked ‘Master’ with a revolver. Dale Kahoun retired with a Distinguished Service Award after 27 years of police service (patrol) after receiving an on-duty injury. Sensei Kahoun was a student of Dai Shihan Sig Kufferath. Sensei Kahoun’s Judo Sensei include Mervin Tate and Charles Robinson of the United States Judo Association. He is Life Member #682 of the USJA and has Life Memberships also with the American Jujitsu Institute, the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation, and Kilohana Martial Arts Association, was also a founder of Kilohana, Secretary and Sergeant at Arms for 7 years, and wrote ‘The Kilohana Workbook’ as directed by Professor Dai Shihan Sig Kufferath. After competing in Judo until he was 37 years old Sensei Kahoun entered nine San Francisco area Battle of the Bay and Golden Bear Martial Arts Tournaments in self defense demo division in 1993-94, (seven first places and two second places), after which he served as referee or judge to help promote martial arts. Sensei Kahoun has a Lifetime California Community Colleges Teaching Credential and had taught classes for years in both Humboldt and Santa Cruz Counties at community colleges as well as teaching at other private dojos and parks and recreation facilities. Sensei Kahoun had his own dojo ‘Mushinkai’ for 3 years in Santa Cruz. Now retired and living near Oak Harbor, Washington, Sensei Kahoun still happily surfaces to teach and referee at events and Ohana’s in; Washington, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Arizona. Among other awards bestowed upon Sensei Kahoun for service to and teaching of Martial Art (including two ‘Hall of Fame’ awards), above all he prizes the 2015 Kilohana ‘Legend’ Award, an award from “his Ohana”.

Olohe Solomon KaihewaluLua

Picture As a descendant of Hawaiian Royalty on his mother’s side of his family, ‘Õlohe Solomon Kaihewalu was taught the family art of Kaihewalu Lua by both his father and his mother. After many years of training and when the time was right, he carefully started to introduce and reveal his art so as not to offend the elders, while at the same time trying to make sure the elders understood what he was trying to accomplish by promoting his family art. He was the first to break the “seed” and introduce the martial art of Kaihewalu Hawaiian Lua in 1955 to non-Hawaiians while stationed at a U.S. military boot camp in Parks, California. Today, his family art is taught world-wide and has finally been accepted by his fellow Hawaiians.

Sifu David LeungWing Chun


Sifu David Leung was born in Hong Kong and began his studies in the martial arts at the age of nine. He is a second generation student of Wing Chun’s Yip Man (well known as Bruce Lee’s instructor) under Master Ho Leung and a third generation student of renowned Yang style Master Yang Chen Fu. He is also presently studying Chen style Tai chi, Hsing-i, and Pa Kua under the internationally renowned Master George Xu from Shanghai. Sifu Leung has been teaching martial arts for over 30 years and has been teaching in Eugene, Oregon since 1970. He offers classes in Tai chi, Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu and Wing Chun. He is also a teacher of Sociology and psychology at Lane Community College. He is the regional Tai chi instructor for the spiritual leader Baba Ram Dass and a guest teacher at workshops nationwide.

Senior Grand Master Bob MaschmeierKajukenbo


Grandmaster Robert Maschmeier, a direct student of the late-Senior Grandmaster Joe Halbuna, teaches Kajukenbo with a two-part philosophy: teach students to survive a street confrontation and encourage them to explore other martial arts. Grandmaster’s focus is to seek new techniques that will not only make his students better fighters but also help them develop the personal restraint needed to use their martial art skills only as a last resort. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Grandmaster was born on December 8, 1942 to Italian (Mom-Helen) and German (Dad-Bob) parents. He resided in Cincinnati until he was fifteen, attending St. Teresa Grade School and freshman year at Elder High School. Young Bob Maschmeier moved with his family to Burlingame, California in 1957 where he attended Burlingame High School and graduated in 1961. Following his graduation from high school he attended the College of San Mateo. In October of 1962, Bob Maschmeier entered the United States Air Force serving four years at Beale Air Force Base, a Strategic Air Command Base, in Marysville, California. He served in the Air Police with the 456th Combat Support Group until his Honorable Discharge in October 1966. While in the military, Bob was first introduced to Kodenkan Judo by fellow service buddies Gary and Rodney Henderson. As part of his Air Police Combat training Bob continued in Kodenkan until 1966 under Sensei Smyers, a Staff Sergeant in the same military unit. After his military discharge, walking down a street in Pacifica in 1967 he heard a lot of yelling and screaming coming from a local storefront. He went in to investigate the activities inside. This was his first exposure to the self-defense martial art of Kajukenbo (Emperado’s Original Method). Bob was so impressed with the brutality of the art while the teacher (the late-Senior Grandmaster Joseph Halbuna) aimed to instill a sense of restraint and respect for human life. Bob immediately signed up for classes and began his journey on a path that would eventually lead him to his current ranking of Grandmaster. During the early years of his Kajukenbo training, his chief instructors were Joe Halbuna, Joe Dela-Cruz, and Frank Conway. Training partners for the first five years were Jeffrey Wong, Tony Hutchinsen, Bill James, Rodney and Dick Anoba. After the service and returning to Pacifica in 1967 Bob was employed with Georgia Pacific Box Manufacturing as a general laborer, was quickly reassigned to machine operator, assistant pressman, and finally to sales estimator until 1969. He also worked with his teacher and fellow black belts Joe Halbuna, Jeff Wong, and Tony Hutchinsen as a milkman for Foremost Dairy in the Hunter’s Point area of San Francisco. In 1971 Bob took a position with Airborne Freight Corporation, at the San Francisco International Airport, as a rate clerk but was later assigned to Night Operations Supervisor and then to Day Operations Supervisor before advancing to the sales department. In 1976 his career moved to Emery Worldwide as an Operations Manager, retiring in 1988 as the District Manager of the Northwest Seven States. During his 20 year full-time career in the air freight industry, Bob trained in Kajukenbo during evenings as well as teaching as an Assistant Instructor to Joe Halbuna. In 1971, Grandmaster received his first Black Belt in Kajukenbo and remained with Joe Halbuna as his assistant until opening his own school in partnership with then-Professor Frank Conway (also a student of Joseph Halbuna). This partnership would open the doors to the first Coast Karate Studio in Pacifica in 1985. Coast Karate Studio was not only a new school name in Pacifica, but also a newly developed style of Kajukenbo that had evolved from Emperado’s Original Method by Professor Frank Conway, with influences from Grandmasters Tony Ramos, Aleju Reyes, and Charles Gaylor. In 1986 the partnership between Frank Conway and Bob Maschmeier ended by mutual agreement, leaving Bob with sole ownership of Coast Karate Studios. Out of respect for his two teachers in Kajukenbo, Grandmaster decided to use some of the techniques learned from Frank Conway and Joseph Halbuna bringing back front rolls, standings, knives, covers and gun techniques. Grandmaster Maschmeier increased his knowledge of pain compliance and pressure point techniques from the influences of Wally Jay’s Small Circle Jujitsu, Willy Cahill’s Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, Andy Ching and Arthur Lee’s Sil Lum Fut Ga, and Clarence Lee’s weapons forms (sai and staff katas). He was also influenced by Tony Maynard’s ground work in Combat Jujitsu, and Jeet Kune Do Master James DeMile, whose attitude of “I don’t teach Judo, Karate or Jujitsu-I teach total destruction” had a significant impact in Bob’s teaching. Thus, the Maschmeier Kajukenbo Method was developed. Although not included in the Maschmeier Method, he also trained in Kyudo (Japanese Archery) with Sensei Susan Budge, and is certified in Seifukujutsu, the Okazaki Method of Restoration Masssage training under Sig Kufferath and Tony Janovivh. In 1996, Grandmaster released his interest in his school (Coast Karate Studio) while maintaining control of Coast Karate Studio Headquarters, Pacifica giving him time needed to travel and seminar circuit introducing “ The Maschmeier Method” of Kajukenbo throughout the United States and around the world. When not traveling overseas, Grandmaster frequently “chaired” promotion ceremonies at different Coast Karate Studio Schools (or their subsidiaries) to show his support of each school owned by his students, located not only in California but around the globe. It was during this time that Bob Maschmeier received his Grandmaster rank in 2002. He continues to teach his method of Kajukenbo through his Headquarters in Pacifica, California. In 2004 Grandmaster Maschmeier faced the hardest challenge of his life. He was diagnosed with cancer. A tumor larger than a golf ball had grown in a lymph node in his neck. Although the seven-hour surgery proved successful in removing the tumor, it did not come without complications, both lungs collapsed and blood clots developed. Following surgery, chemotherapy and radiation regimens were started to keep the cancer at bay. The ordeal left him so weak, dehydrated and anemic that he was rushed twice to the hospital near death’s door. His physical condition affected his mental state causing depression. However, Grandmaster states with the support of family, students, and friends, and his own inner strength, he was able to endure the ordeal and survive. With over 40 years of experience and influence in marital arts, Grandmaster Maschmeier has been recognized for his achievements from the following organizations: 1. America’s True Martial Arts Cultural Treasures (2000) 2. Kenpo Jujitsu hall of Fame (2001) 3. United World Martial Arts Federation Certificate of Merit (2002) 4. Pacifica Sports Hall of Fame (2002) 5. Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute (2004) 6. Masters Hall of Fame (2004) 7. World Martial Arts Masters Association (2005) 8. Action Martial Arts Magazine’s Hall of Fame (2006) 9. Featured on the cover of Karate-Kung Fu Illustrated 10. Featured in the first Kajukenbo book, Kajukenbo, The Ultimate Self-Defense System, by Frank Conway. Grandmaster Maschmeier’s current Associations include assignments as 2005/2006 Coordinator for Disney Wide World of Sports, representing Kajukenbo worldwide, and as 2006/2007 Director for World Black Belt, Inc of Northern California. He is also very active in his fight for cancer research as he was the 2006 Chairperson for the San Francisco Bay Area American Cancer Society, being a cancer survivor himself since 2004. Besides teaching at his school Grandmaster Maschmeier has been involved in many teaching forums such as, Camp Danzea (15 years), Budo shin, Kuwait and Camp Doha (twice), Kilohana, PMAA, Jujitsu America, DCA Northern California.

Prof. Bob McKeanDanzan Ryu Ju Jitsu


Professor McKean began his training in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu in 1969 and obtained the rank of Shodan in 1973 though the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation. In 1974 Bob became a student of Professor William (Bill) Montero Sr. at the Pacific Judo Academy in San Jose, California. During his eighteen years under the personal instruction of Professor Montero, himself a black belt under Professor Henry Okazaki, Bob was awarded the rank of yodan in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, graduated from the Kodenkan Jujitsu Police Course and received the title of Senior Black Belt Bokendo Instructor. In 2001 Professor Bob McKean and Professor Bob Krull co-founded the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance, an organization of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu black belts established to protect, preserve and promote the arts of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu as taught by Professor William Montero Sr. In 2009 Bob was awarded the title of Danzan Ryu Professor and rank of Shichidan (7th dan) by the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance and Kilohana Martial Arts Association. In 2012 he was the recipient of the Ohana Award presented by the Kilohana Martial Arts Association. In 2013 the Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai presented Professor McKean with the Luciani Service Award. During ‘Ohana 2014, Bob was awarded the rank of Hachidan (8th dan) by the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance and Kilohana Martial Arts Association. During Camp Kokua 2015, Bob was presented a PhD in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu from the American Jujitsu Institute. In addition he is ranked as nidan in judo and rokudan in jujitsu through the United States Judo Association and was certified in 1995 as a USJA Master Jujitsu Rank Examiner. Bob holds the rank of shodan in Shotokan Karate-Do under Shihan Ken Funakoshi and godan in Goshin-Jutsu through the Shudokan Martial Arts Association under Professor Walter Todd. After a twenty-seven year law enforcement career with the Milpitas Police Department, Bob retired at the rank of lieutenant in 2001. Some of his assignments included patrol supervisor, street crimes unit, community relations, traffic unit supervisor, internal affairs, SWAT team member, firearms and defensive tactics instructor. During his career he attended numerous police defensive tactics instructor courses taught by some of the leading law enforcement instructors in the field that included Bob Koga, Dick Min, Jordan Roth, Don Cameron, John Peters, Mike Nakamura, George Williams, Darren Levin and Jim Wagner. Bob received police instructor certifications for straight baton, PR-24, expandable baton, riot baton, tactical handcuffing, carotid restraints and police self defense. Bob was a 1985 graduate of the F.B.I. Defensive Tactics Instructor Course and was recognized as a Police Defensive Tactics Instructor by the Kokusai Budo Renmei in Japan. He taught police defensive tactics for over twenty years for his department, a regional police academy and for numerous city, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Illinois and Massachusetts. Bob has been an active supporter of the Danzan Ryu ‘Ohana (family) and was co-host for ‘Ohana 2014. He is a Charter Member of the Kilohana Martial Arts Association and a past member of its Standards Committee Board. He is also a member of Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai, American Jujitsu Institute, Bushindokan Federation, Jujitsu American and is a forty-six year member of the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation. Bob currently lives in southern Oregon where he continues to pass on the teachings of Professor Okazaki and Professor Montero through classes taught at the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance Hombu and through clinics for the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance, Kilohana Martial Arts Association, Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai, American Jujitsu Institute and other Danzan Ryu organizations.

Prof. Scott MerrillChow-Hoon Goshin Jitsu


Chow Hoon Goshin Jitsu, Monterey, CA!__goshin-jitsu-chow-hoon-monterey I started Martial Arts training in 1974 in Goju Ryu Karate. Shortly after I was introduced to the late Professor John Chow Hoon and started training full time under him. I was fortunate to be under his tutelage and later became one of his assistance on the Monterey Peninsula from 1981 until he passed away. While training with Prof. Chow Hoon I was also training with Prof. James Muro, at the Marina Dojo. I am currently the head instructor at Chow Hoon Goshin Jitsu Monterey which was established 23 years ago. My ranks include 7th Degree in Chow Hoon Goshin Jitsu, 7th Degree Black in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, 6th Degree Black in Kosho Ryu Kenpo, 1st Degree Black in Shorinji Ryu, and Kumo Lua in Kaihewalu Lua Honors: Associate Professor Danzan Ryu (Kilohana), Jujitsu Americas Black Belt Hall of Fame 1996, Jujitsu Americas Instructor of the Year 1994, JA’s Presidential Award 1984, Chow Hoon’s Spirit of Kodenkan award 2000, Kilohana Sig Kufferath Award 2007, was one of the Instructors on the Professional Video of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu produced by TCI Media. I have also taught at various martial arts conventions and seminars in the USA and Europe.

Sifu Mark MoyWing Chun


Sifu Mark Moy has been teaching Kajukenbo Tum Pai and Tai Chi in Vancouver, WA since 1991. His teachers in Kajukenbo are GM Doug Bailey and GM Bob Heuer. He also trains in Wing Chun, Tai Chi and Chi Gung with Master David Leung, and is a student of Master Steve Golden in Jeet Kune Do. Sifu Moy will be teaching Wing Chun trapping and immobilization, and how to use “sticky energy” to control your opponent in Close Quarter Combat.

Hanshi Anton MuhammadV.A.S.K. Ryu Jiu Jitsu


Grand Master (GM) Anton Muhammad (ASAM) is the founder and 9th degree Black Belt of VASK Ryu Jiu Jitsu. He is Founder and Head Master of the Bay Area-based ASAM Bushidokan, World Wide JIu Jitsu & Karate Do and Iron Wave Dojo. He is also a recipient of Nine Time Martial Arts Hall Of Fame and other awards. As a second generation martial artist he began training with Grand Master Cleophus Jacobs, Sr. at the early age of 4. GM ASAM received his black belt in Jiu Jitsu and became an assistant instructor in 1971 at age 13. At 14, he earned black belts in Karate-Do and Judo. His early years are rich with instruction from numerous notable martial artists such as Master Thomas Lapuppet, Master Sam McGee, Sifu Harry, Luqman Abdul Hakeem (Shihan), O’Sensei Elliot Farewell and a special thanks to Grand Master Charles Elmore and others who helped me build a strong foundation in Martial Arts. Since then he has become an internationally known Grandmaster martial artist with over 30 years teaching experience. GM ASAM possesses an extremely diverse martial arts background with extensive training in Aikido, Boxing, Escrima, Muy Thai, 7 star Praying Mantis, Tiger Claw, Kung Fu, Wu Shu, Capoeira, Iado and Kendo. These disciplines have helped shape and form the basis of his highly effective Urban Survival System of VASK Ryu Jiu Jitsu. Grand Master Muhammad is a direct student and representative of a world-renowned Jiu Jitsu Masters of Vee Jiu Jitsu the late Grand Professor Florendo M. Visitation, Sanuces Ryu Jiu Jitsu the late Dr. Moses Powell. He is also a direct student of Al Nas Jiu Jitsu Co-Founder Grand Master Abbass M. Muhammad, and Soke Lil’ John Davis founder of Kumite Ryu. GM ASAM is a former board member and Vice President of the American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts (A.T.A.M.A.). He is a member and representative of many other Martial Arts Associations and Organizations and is recognized and accredited by numerous Martial Arts Federations and Associations worldwide. In addition to his leadership positions within the Martial Arts community, GM ASAM is also a former tournament champion in Kumite(fighting), self-defense, and weapons and has provided personal and team security for various figures and organizations the Bay Area and abroad. He also leads conflict meditation and martial arts training seminars for law enforcement and security institutions nationally and internationally, demonstrating the street-proven techniques used in Urban Streetology. GM Muhammad brought his unique form of East Coast knowledge and self-defense to the Bay Area in 1986. Since then he has gained a colorful yet formidable reputation from the many powerful and exciting demonstrations and seminars, street fairs and other bay area events including Oakland’s Festival at the Lake and Berkeley’s Annual Juneteenth Celebration. Since his arrival GM ASAM has shown continuous devotion to working with Bay Area children and troubled youth teaching self-awareness, self-respect, self-discipline, community awareness and responsibility through self-defense. His knowledge and expertise with these groups is respected and sought after by many Bay Area schools and educational institution. I am thankful to all my teachers and masters who taught me more than just Martial Arts. They taught me ESSENTIAL WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE of LIFE.

Prof. James MuroHawaiian Blend


Prof. Muro has been training in the Martial Arts since 1957 or so, starting with Judo his first Love, his main teacher was the Late great Prof. John Chow-Hoon, who he learned Judo, Jujitsu and Kenpo Karate. At present he holds a 10th Dan in Kenpo, 10th Dan in Danzan Ryu. A Master level in Decuedas Eskrima under Prof. Gilbert Tenio, he has Instructor Level certificate for Serada Eskrima from Juan Eliab, he had a 4th Dan in Shorinji Ryu from Prof. Richard Kim. He holds the 10th level (Umi Kekele’ele’ele Alihikaua) in Kaihewalu Lua under the guidance of Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu. He holds a Sandan in Kodokan Judo. He was given the title of “Hanshi” by the World “ Hanshi No Inkai” in 2002-Essex , England U.K. He was the first to promote a “Sport Jujitsu tournament” in the U.S. A. as well has been an official representative and Coach for the U.S.A. He was a founding member of Jujitsu America and has served on their Standards Board, he is a former President of the AJI northern region, he is a founding member of Kilohana Martial Arts association and its current Technical Director and chairman of its Standards Board, he is a technical advisor and former President of the Hawaiian International Martial Arts Society. He is a Technical Advisor to the Scottish Kenpo Association and Small Circle Jujitsu International and the World martial Arts Society based in Europe( for which he is also a standards board member). Prof. Muro is also known as a Healer, Prof. Muro is a certified practitioner and Instructor of the Okazaki system of massage and Seifukujitsu and has many of his graduates working as professional Massage therapist. He has served as the President of the Northern region for the American Jujitsu Institute and of Kilohana Martial Arts Association and for the Hawaiian Martial Arts International Society. He holds many Honors and awards including Jujitsu America’s “Instructor of the year” and Black Belt Hall of Fame, and the Prof. Chow-Hoon memorial award. World Martial Arts Society- Instructor of the year and Hall of fame, Living legend award. Grand Master award Family Soke International Association. Prof. Muro is known for his knowledge of the Martial Arts putting all that he has learned over the past 50 years into a dramatic “Island Blend” of fighting.

Prof. Chris NicholasDanzan Ryu Ju Jitsu


Professor Nicholas began studying martial arts in 1990 at West Coast Tae Kwon Do in Newark, CA. Six months later he began his training in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu under Professor Bob McKean. He continued with Tae Kwon Do for seven years earning a 2nd Degree Black Belt from Master Ev Pepper while also training in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. Chris has also cross trained in Kempo Karate (Tracy Style for 2 years), Kodokan Judo at San Jose State University (2 years), Krav Maga (3 years), Brazilian Jujitsu (3 years), and Kodenkan Bokendo. Professor Nicholas has been a full time police officer since 1995 and is certified as a law enforcement arrest & control tactics Instructor in both the F.B.I. and Krav Maga law enforcement methods of police defensive tactics. He is currently assigned to the traffic division as a motor officer and, after 15 years of teaching at the Police Department, is a former firearms and arrest & control instructor. Chris is one of the original students of the K.I.T.W. combat knife fighting course developed by the late Professor Bob Krull and Professor Bob McKean in 1993. Chris has participated as a student, basic instructor and advanced instructor in these courses for the past 15 years. In 2008 Chris was promoted to the title of Master Combat Knife Instructor by Professor Bob McKean and Master Don Richardson. In 2016 in collaboration with Prof Mike Tucker, Chris and Mike developed the folding knife supplemental to the KITW curriculum and a full day training curriculum for the folding blade. Chris balances his martial arts training by studying Master Okazaki’s method of restorative massage. He began the basic study of massage with Jill McKean and received additional training from Professors Bob Krull and Bob McKean. Chris is continuing his study of massage with Master Don Richardson and Sensei Robert Korody. Chris continues his education through the PJA massage program and the Kilohana Massage program. Prof Nicholas holds the rank of Rokudan (6th degree black belt) under Professor Bob McKean. Chris is a charter member and one of the senior black belts of the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance, a former member of Jujitsu America and an allied member of the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation. Prof Chris is a member in good standing in the Kilohana Martial Arts Association and currently holds the office of Vice President with that organization. He received his Professor title in 2013 from the PJA. Chris is head instructor of the Pacific Self Defense Academy and is currently teaching Danzan Ryu Jujitsu at the Esteller Martial Art Kajukenbo School in Pleasanton, CA.

Prof. Steve NichollsDanzan Ryu Ju Jitsu


Professor Nicholls (Shichidan) has studied the Kodenkan Danzan-Ryu system of Ju- Jitsu for 36 years. His training began in 1980 with Professor Sig Kufferath. This good fortune of studying with one of Professor Okazaki’s top students was not lost on Professor Nicholls and his time spent with the late Professor Kufferath developed well beyond the student teacher relationship into a profound and enduring friendship. When Professor Kufferath insisted Professor Nicholls open the first Kodenkan dojo in Britain, he passed on this responsibility with his blessing. Shortly after this great honour was bestowed, Professor Nicholls was made the British and European Director of the Kilohana Martial Arts Society, a title he was very proud to hold for his 15 years of service. He is also the founder of Kodenkan International, and the 1Touch Project for those people viewed as vulnerable members of society. Professor Nicholls has founded Kodenkan dojos in France, England, and Spain. He has introduced Seifuku-Jitsu across Europe. Professor Nicholls has presented in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, and at the Polish Central Training Centre of Prison Services. Professor Nicholls also holds a Level 3 Professional Trainer’s Certification in Conflict Management through the Central Institute of Environmental Health (2009, UK). In addition to the invaluable guidance of Professor Kufferath, Professor Nicholls has studied with such masters as Sifu John Chow Hoon, Coach Willy Cahil, Sensei Wally Jay, Sensei Walter Todd, and British Bronze Olympian Coach Neil Eckersley among many others. While having the privilege of receiving the rank of Nidan in Kempo-Jitsu from Shihan Russ Rhodes and holding lesser ranks in Shotokan-Karate and Aikido, Professor Nicholls remains ostensibly a ju-jitsuka, always striving to better understand and achieve the deepest principals imparted by the Kodenkan Danzan-Ryu. Professor Nicholls is Chair of the Standards Board for Kilohana Europe and the official American Jujitsu Institute European Representative through Kodenkan International.

Sensei Matt OlsonDanzan Ryu Ju Jitsu


Matthew started his martial arts training as a youth under Shihan Richard Pietrelli in 1984. He received his Shodan in Danzan Ryu Ju jitsu in 1992 and currently holds the ranks of Shoden in Kashima Shin Ryu Ken jitsu (1993) and Nidan in Danzan Ryu Ju jitsu (1994). All of which he earned under Shihan Pietrelli. In 2007 he began training with Sensei Jonathan Largent and co-founded the Kiriishi Kai in Arcata, Ca. where he is now the Senior Instructor for both the youth and adult programs. In addition to a great group of students he has had the privilege to train with both of his sons. Both have been given Kilohana’s Kimo Hatchi Award.

Prof. Steve OrcinoAmerican Kenpo

Professor Steve Orcino began his training at the age of 9 in the Fall of 1967 on the classical tatami mats of the Ed Parker Kenpo Karate School in Downey, California under the tutelage of Grandmaster Joe Dimmick. In 1981 was promoted to shodan by Sr. Grandmaster Parker at the Pasadena school and was among the first four students to be promoted to shodan under Grandmaster Frank Trejo’s guidance. Over the years he has had the opportunity to train in classroom settings and seminars with several of the senior ranking kenpo instructors including Sr. Grandmaster Edmund Parker, Grandmaster Huk Planas, Grandmaster Frank Trejo, Sr. Professor W. Craig McCoy, Grandmaster Michael Persons, Grandmaster Yosh Furuya, Sr. Professor Roger Meadows, and Sifu Steve Hearring. Along with Paul Girard, Professor Orcino assisted Grandmaster Trejo in running Sr. Grandmaster Ed Parker’s Pasadena school until the end of 1982. Moving to the Sacramento area, Sr. Grandmaster Parker introduced and assigned Steve to continue his training under Sr. Professor Craig McCoy for a period of time. Currently Mr. Orcino is under the guidance and direction of Grandmaster Frank Trejo. To date, he continues his training with both Grandmaster Trejo and Grandmaster Huk Planas in Instructor’s classes, camps and seminar environments. In addition to Parker’s Kenpo, Professor Orcino has trained in Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu, Seifukujutsu, Escrima, Tai Chi Chuan, and Goju Kai karate. He has attended classes and/or seminars from many notable martial artists. To name a few: Sensei Dave Martin, Professor Tom Ball, Professor Wally Jay, Professor Sig Kufferath, Professor Toru Tanaka, Professor Willy Cahill, Professor Sheryl Hager, Professor Kelly Luce, Grandmaster Leo Giron, Grandmaster Antonio Somera, Guru George Deleon, Guru Richard Krueger, Guru Ed Planas, Sifu Jim Grissom, Master Sam Tam, and Sensei Jan Hill.

Master Ev PepperKrav Maga

Academy of Self Defense, Santa Clara, CA Director of Training and Program Development for the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara California. Chief instructor for Vanguard Krav Maga. Mission: My goal is to provide real world experience which includes gun retention and take-away techniques, knife defense, ground fighting and realistic street scenarios designed to place the trainee under an immense amount of stress, which is key in making the techniques taught, second nature. Background Training: 45 years of training in Martial Arts and Defensive Tactics and Competitive fighter

  • Grand Master Dan Choi (Taekwondo)
  • Seoul Korea at the Kukiwon (headquarters of Taekwondo)
  • Escrima Master Mangisusuro Mike Inay (founder of the Inayan System of Escrima)
  • World Full contact champion Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and Danny Insanto
  • Grand Master Ming Lum (Kung Fu), Grand Master Joe Halbuna ( Kajikenbo) and Master Wally J ( Small Circle Jujitsu)
  • Darren Levine (6th degree black belt) head instructor of Krav Maga in the United States
  • Eyal Yanilov (senior student of Imi Letchinfeld founder of Krav Maga)
  • Tom Patire (founder of CDT & LRT)
  • Suro Jason Inay ( Escrima)
  • Grand Master Ernie Reyes and Tony Thompson ( Taekwondo)
  • Opened Self Defense Institute in Fremont 1992-2000
  • Opened Academy of Self Defense 2005-present

Certifications and Rankings:

  • Black Belt 6th Degree Taekwondo #1-255357
  • Black Belt Krav Maga
  • Black Belt Goshinjitsu
  • Black Belt Master status in Hosinsul #M-97-27
  • Black Belt Master status in Hosin-Hopkido #WHHF030601
  • Ranked Escrima
  • Black Belt 2nd Degree Kajukenbo
  • Black Sash Northern Kung Fu
  • Black Belt Kenpo / Kajikenbo
  • Black Belt Yudo
  • Black Belt 5th Degree Hopkido
  • Black Belt Danzan Ryu Jujitsu
  • CDT Certified Tactical Master Instructor/ Law Enforcement/Third Party Protection/ Family Safety
  • Certified Force Training Instuctor for Law Enforcement (Krav Maga)

Guro Bob ReishSilat


Bob Reish’s formal training began in 1964 when he joined the senior judo & jujitsu class of the Westchester YMCA, in Los Angeles, California. The instructor, Hal Garry, had trained in savate, learned Israeli commando techniques while in Israel, and studied jujitsu at the Hollywood YMCA, under Jim Muscleman. Bob found the Westchester class to be an incredibly abundant “melting pot” of martial artists with diverse martial arts background including karate, aikido, kendo, savate, escrima, and taekwando, to name a few. Concurrently with leading and studying judo/jujitsu at the Westchester YMCA, Bob spent time training in other forms of martial arts. These included shotokan karate. Bob additionally studied kempo karate under Tigi Mataali. Tigi had learned karate in 1959, in Hawaii, under William Chow. In 1973, Bob Reish joined the California Air National Guard, and spent the next thirteen years serving his country. Through the Air Force, and as a member of the California Provisional Security Riot Squadron, Bob was trained in riot tactics. Bob was accepted into the USAF pilot training program, during which Bob taught jujitsu to Air Force members on base at Laughlin AFB. At that time, he became good friends with Sergeant Manuel Arcos, a kajukenbo nidan who taught at the base karate club. Bob and Manuel exchanged martial arts concepts and techniques, and the two gave demonstrations for the community. Regarding flight school, Bob remembers, “being one with my air breathing machine, flying upside down over the top during a 7g maneuver, and then lighting the afterburners, thrusting me supersonic… What a rush!” When Bob graduated from pilot training, he received the Outstanding Flying and Distinguished Graduate award. He then proceeded to survival training at Fairchild Air Force Base, followed by water survival training at Homestead Air Force Base. During his Air Forcetravels, Bob also trained and exchanged ideas with the head instructor of Special Forces, Michael D. Echanis, a disciple of Hwarangdo, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Bob has directed youth programs at several YMCAs and for the Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks. This included teaching leadership, physical education, and martial arts classes. In addition, he was a senior lifeguard for Los Angeles, where he life guarded and taught swimming, lifesaving, and skin diving. Bob also annually taught new and returning lifeguard recurrent training classes for the City of Los Angeles. Bob Reish took aikido under Ron Kobyashi in the 1960’s, and in the late 1970’s teamed up once more with Manny Kontos to train in aikido (Ki Society) under Clarence Chin in Torrance, California. Then, in 1980, Bob began his studies under Dan Inosanto, in Marina del Rey and then Playa del Rey, California. Dan’s courses included training in jun fan gung fu, kali, silat, and muay thai kick boxing. Bob was also able to train several times with Cacoy Connette (doce pares), Leo Giron (bahala na), Leo Gaje (pekiti tirsia), Paul de Thouars (bukti negara), Ajarn Chai Sirisute (muay thai), and Herman Suwanda (mande muda & hari mau). Bob met and became friends with Philip Gelinas, a Canadian who won the United States stick fighting championship. Philip trained Bob in the Pekiti Tirsia kali system during the years that Bob flew to Montreal, Canada, as a pilot for American Airlines. In addition, Edgar Silute took Bob through a good portion of the Lameco escrima system including Lameco’s esoteric training. Additionally, around this same time, Bob began exchanging ideas with Fred Neumann, who was one of Seiyu Oyata’s close “inner circle” of 5 Ryuku kempo black belts. Parallel with higher esoteric principles learned in jujitsu, Bob was introduced to American Indian spirituality, specifically Apache & Comanche spirituality, through a good friend and guide Richard Alaniz. Bob and Richard exchanged and explored higher level mysteries common to the American Indian medicine men and jujitsu masters. Later, in Bob’s training, it was discovered that the South Pacific Polynesians shared similar spiritual concepts proving the adage that a thread of commonalty runs through all things. In the 1990’s, Bob continued his research into various martial art systems. He conducted seminars and camps around the country and currently is fortunate to work with Hawaiian O’lohe lua warriors. He feels humbled by several who were willing to share their concepts, cultures and techniques and thereby further his search for truth. Bob Reish has devoted more than 51 years to the study of martial arts. When he recounts all the wonderful martial arts people and senseis with whom he’s trained and shared, Bob knows he’s been richly blessed and is extremely thankful. Bob’s training has included judo, jujitsu (danzan ryu, mushin ryu, yoshin ryu), karate (kempo, kajukenbo, shotokan, ryukyu kempo, & taikwando), aikido, kendo, escrima & kali (doce pares, lameco, maphalindo, pekiti tirsia, etc.), jun fan gung fu, muay thai, savate, and silat (citi hati, bukti negara, hari mau, chi mande, and mande muda). Bob graciously explains that he “is still a student listening to all who are willing to share.”

Sensei Kathie ReishDanzan Ryu Ju Jitsu


Instructor Kathleen Reish conducted youth and young adult programs directed toward teaching leadership skills, physical education, and martial arts classes. In addition, Sensei Reish assisted in the Okazaki Restorative Massage program, is certified as a Red Cross Senior Life Saver, and she is certified in the American Red Cross Advanced First Aid course. Sr. Master instructor Sensei Kathie Reish has studied Danzan Ryu for 39 years and is a yodan in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu as well as a shodan in Shorin Ryu Karate. She is also fully certified in the Okazaki Restorative Massage Program and licensed as a Massage Therapist. She was fortunate to train under Master Keith Okazaki in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sensei Reish regularly teaches martial arts classes at various dojos, conventions, and clinics held by various Danzan Ryu organizations. Sensei Reish was the National Blackbelt Examination Manager for the American Judo & Jujitsu (AJJF) for five years, AJJF Insurance Manager for six years, hosted the AJJF National Convention in 2006, and hosted annual Jujitsu training camps for the last ten years. Sensei Reish continues to participate and teach at camps, clinics, seminars, and conventions around the country. She is also an AJJF examiner and examines blackbelts and those testing for blackbelt during the year. Sensei Reish continues to co-teach with her husband Robert Reish at their home in Hawaii and at various events hosted by the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation (AJJF), Kilohana, Christian Jujitsu Association (CJA), and the American Jujitsu Institute (AJI).

Shihan Russ RhodesKen Ju Ryu Kenpo Ju Jitsu


Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts, Los Gatos CA Shihan Russell Rhodes has over 50 years in the martial arts and holds ranks in seven different systems. Shihan Rhodes is the only student of Professor Kufferath to receive the Soke title and the rank of Shihan in two art forms, Kenjuryu – 10th Dan and Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu – 7th Dan. Professor Sig Kufferath described him as “my ultimate student” and as such, honored Shihan Rhodes with the highest quantity of rank ever awarded by him. On June 13, 1998, Russell Rhodes was awarded the title Soke 10th Dan and designated as the inheritor of the art Kenjuryu by Kaicho Sig Kufferath. He, alongside Professor Kufferath, developed and combined new and innovative ways of blending his Kenpo with the Professor’s Ju Jitsu, which inspired Professor Kufferath to create the new Art form. Professor Kufferath coined the phrase “Kenjuryu” which is an acronym derived from Kenpo and Ju Jitsu. Shihan Rhodes studied Inayan Filipino Martial Arts under the guidance and tutelage of Mangisursuro Mike Inay and achieved teaching credentials in the Sinawali, Dequerdas, and Kandena De Mano Systems with advanced training in Serrada and Larga Mano. Shihan Rhodes is currently a guru in the Inayan Martial Arts Association. Shihan Rhodes teaches Danzan Ryu in its original, purest form as taught to him by Professor Kufferath. Rhodes has studied and mastered all facets of the Danzan Ryu art. On August 17, 2002, Shihan Rhodes was promoted to Hachidan 8th Dan in the Kodenkan System. His Menkyo Certificate was signed by Professor Wally Jay 10th Dan Kodenkan Small Circle Ju Jitsu, Professor Joseph Holck 10th Dan Kodenkan / Kajukenbo, Professor Willy Cahill 10th Dan Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu, and Professor Imi Okazaki / Mullins. Shihan Rhodes is the founder and chief instructor of the Shinkodenkai Martial Arts Association. Shinkodenkai is a progressive, avant-garde family of martial arts schools which operate under the guidance and direction of Shihan Rhodes. The family hombu dojo, known as Pacific Coast Academy of Martial Arts, in Los Gatos, CA. is one of the largest Kodenkan Ju Jitsu schools in central California. Rhodes also has many schools across the Midwest region of the United States that have joined him for his Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu program to propagate the inspiring and emergent teachings of Professor Kufferath.

Guro Darren TibonSerrada Eskrima

Prof. Mike TuckerDanzan Ryu Ju Jitsu


Mike began his martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do during January 1989 underKwang Jang Nim Tony Thompson and Bu Kwang Jang Nim Ev Pepper at WestCoast TKD. While training there, he met Professor Robert J. McKean in 1990,and began to study Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu from him. In 1992 he receivedhis Red Belt in TKD from West Coast. After that he focused on jujitsu where hereceived his Shodan rank in 1994 and his jujitsu Sensei title in 1999. To date,Mike has had the honor of promoting 9 Black Belts. Mike received his mostrecent jujitsu rank of Rokudan and Professor title in June of 2013 from the PacificJujitsu Alliance. Also under Professor McKean, Mike is studying KodenkanBokendo and holds a Master Level Instructor Certification. Mike began studying Combat Knife Fighting under the late Prof. Robert F. Krull in1994 and received his Master Combat Knife Instructor certificate in August 2008.He is a founder, member and Plank Holder of the Concrete Warrior Knife Society(Member No. 4). Mike continues to study knife fighting under Prof. McKean andMaster Don Richards. Professor McKean introduced Mike to Sensei CaryTakagawa in 1992, and Mike received the USJA Judo rank of Shodan fromTakagawa Sensei in 1995. Mike is a USJA Silver Patron Life Member, No. 9576. While studying judo, Mike trained with then USJA president Phil Porter, andassisted in the creation of the USJA Jujitsu Manual. He started training in KravMaga in 1997 and received the rank of Green Belt from Mr. Darren Levine in1999. Mike is also a signing founder of the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance, and personallywitnessed the signing of the Kilohana Martial Arts Association Charter. In 2000he met the late Professor Imi Okazaki Mullens and her husband, and theybecame very close friends. Prof. Imi visited and taught at Mike’s dojo numeroustimes, and Mike is most proud to say they were on a first name basis. Sheshared with him many intimate stories about life in the Okazaki household, whichgave Mike a much more personal connection to Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. He has alsohad the pleasure of training with late Professors Walter Todd and Pat Browne. Mike grew up in a military family (around the world) and currently runs a smalltech business in Silicon Valley. He is currently head of the Danzan Ryu Jujitsuprogram at Pacific Jujitsu dojo in Fremont, CA.