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Kilohana Martial Arts Association Founders
Back Row Left - Right: Mike Esmailzadeh, Kimo Hatchie, Russ Coelho, Hans Ingebretsen, Dale Kahoun, Debbie Mazzulla
Front Row Left - Right: Gerald McKenzie, Robert Krull, Al Ikemoto, James Muro, Dai Shihan, Sig Kufferath, Russ Rhodes, Jack Carter, Pauline Chow-Hoon, Robert McKean

Sensei Jack Carter Associate Professor Jack Carter
Photo Not Available Mrs. Pauline Chow-Hoon
Kyoshi Russ Coelho Professor Russell Coelho Profile Click Here...
Professor Michael Esmailzadeh Professor Michael Esmailzadeh Profile Click Here...
Photo Not Available Sensei Kimo Hatchie
Sensei Al Ikemoto Associate Professor Al Ikemoto Profile Click Here...
Sensei Hans Ingebretsen Associate Professor Hans Ingebretsen Profile Click Here...
Sensei Dale Kahoun Professor Dale Kahoun Profile Click Here...
Sensei Bob Krull Sensei Bob Krull
Professor Sig Kufferath Professor Sig Kufferath
Photo Not Available Sensei Debbie Mazzulla
Professor Robert McKean Professor Robert McKean Profile Click Here...
Photo Not Available Sensei Gerald McKenzie
Professor James Muro Professor James Muro Profile Click Here...
Shihan Russel Rhodes Shihan Russel Rhodes






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To organize seminars, demonstrations, camps, tournaments and special classes that provide avenues for practicing and promulgating our core arts